V and his pretty boy squad Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon go for a bath together

The pretty boy squad once again made people go crazy when posting photos of them gathering in a pool.

Praised for his friendly personality by many people, V (BTS) not-surprisingly received a lot of love from his hyungs when he participated in the drama “Hwarang.” Although everyone has been busy with their schedules, fans have many times encountered the boys who often go travel together and update their SNS with close-looking photos.

When the two hyungs Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik acted in dramas, Taehyung (V) did not forget to send food and drink trucks along with their ugly photos. The two Park members of the squad also cheered on Taehyung by going to BTS’ concerts. Witnessing the relationship of the boys, people can’t help but become jealous because all three of them “are handsome, talented, famous but also close like this”.

Recently, netizens couldn’t “stand still” when the pretty boy squad continues to share a very special moment. Since there is quite little time to meet, the boys gather in the pool. Even though half their faces were taken above the water, fans could still recognize each one of them because the handsome looks of each member couldn’t be mistaken.

V amused netizens with his special fashion combo – red hair and neon green pants. It is known that the boys arranged this meeting to celebrate Park Seo Joon’s birthday (Dec 16th) and V’s upcoming birthday (Dec 30th).

Even though the drama “Hwarang” had ended 2 years ago, the relationship of these handsome men are still close.

On V’s birthday last year, Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon had simultaneously posted a happy birthday photo on his profile. This year, maby because of busy schedule, they had decided to meet earlier. Needless to say, many fangirls must be so jealous of V for all his hyungs’ love.

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