Amid Yu Ju-won’s Lawsuit, Fantasy Boys To Have A Comeback In November And A Japanese Concert in December

The group FANTASY BOYS is going to work very hard in the next months.

According to their agency Pocketdol Studio on October 21, Fantasy Boys are preparing for their comeback in late November and a concert in Japan in December.


Fantasy Boys are recently busy recording local radio, broadcasting, and shooting magazines to prepare for their Japanese fan concert on October 21st.

As if to prove its local popularity, Oricon’s official YouTube channel has posted a question-and-answer video interview of Fantasy Boys, while episodes and TMI (Too Much Information) of the members during the filming of the audition program “Fantasy Boys” have been released, gathering much attention from Japanese fans.

Fantasy Boys, which has secured a fandom in Japan, is preparing for a quick comeback, and next year, it will start a global run to meet fans around the world. Attention is focusing on the limitless growth of Fantasy Boys, which made a splash with their debut title song “NEW TOMORROW.”

Meanwhile, “FANTASY BOYS 1ST TOKYO FAN CONCERT NEW TOMORROW” will be held at Tokyo Garden Theater on October 21st.

Sources: daum

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