Why do the majority of Knetizens pick TWICE as the most beautiful girl group in Kpop history?

Korean netizens can’t stop praising the visuals of TWICE members! 

Since their debut until now, after 6 years of non-stop activities, TWICE has always been a girl group whose members’ visuals have never disappointed netizens and fans. Controversy can spark over TWICE’s music or singing skills, but no matter how strict Korean netizens are, they still have to admit that the group’s visuals are something that can’t get mixed reactions. 

The topic of TWICE’s visuals has recently become a trending topic among Korean netizens. A post was posted on Theqoo forum with the title “Sharing some pretty moments of TWICE” and only a few photos of the 9 JYP girls underneath, without any additional caption. But that’s enough for Korean netizens to confirm that TWICE is the most beautiful girl group in Kpop history.

The reason why TWICE gets this title but not other famous girl groups such as SNSD, BLACKPINK or Red Velvet is because Korean netizens believe that they are the rare girl group where all the members are beautiful. Not one member’s look is controversial. Moreover, all 9 TWICE members are pretty in their own way, so their visual combination when standing together in one frame makes the audience, even more, overwhelmed and excited.

Some comments from Knetz:

  • No kidding…. I like TWICE’s songs, choreography, and visuals the most out of all female idols ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Really, how can all the members be so pretty yet charming in different ways at the same time?
  • The special thing about TWICE is that the members are beautiful with very different vibes
  • TWICE is the girl group with the best visual out of all Kpop girl groups
  • Every TWICE member has a completely different look, but they’re all so pretty
  • TWICE really doesn’t have any visual holes
  • But to be fair, TWICE’s visuals are perfect. The only girl group where all the members are pretty is TWICE.
  • Doesn’t the phrase “a pretty girl standing next to a pretty girl standing next to another pretty girl” also come from TWICE? To me, TWICE is the most beautiful girl group in the history of our country’s female idol groups
  • I think it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that TWICE is the only group where all the members are pretty. When they first debuted Tzuyu was the prettiest but now Sana is the prettiest
  • I’m serious when I say that the TWICE members are the prettiest girls in Kpop
  • But I have to admit that TWICE is really pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think they deserve to be called the most beautiful girl group in Kpop history
  • Seriously, all 9 members are so pretty… To the point that I wonder how JYP managed to put these girls into one group

Meanwhile, TWICE will release their first English single titled “The Feels” on October 1.  A series of teaser images and MV teasers for “The Feels” have been continuously published in the past few days.

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