Seungri Signed on G-Dragon’s Album for a Fan: “Sorry, I’m not GD”

Despite Retirement, Seungri Still Causes a Stir Every Time He Appears in Public

In 2019, the shocking Burning Sun entertainment industry scandal broke out. Seungri, the youngest member of BIGBANG, was forced to leave the group and face legal consequences due to the scandal. After serving a year and a half in prison for nine charges, Seungri returned to a normal life. Despite retiring from the entertainment industry, Seungri still stirs up controversy when appearing on social media.


Seungri : “Sorry, I’m not GD.” 🤣 it’s felt dejavu, GD used to say that during BB early debut when everyone asking about Seungri to him. ❤️‍🔥✨ #CapCut #bigbang #tttop #daesung #taeyang #seungri #gdragon #vip #fyp #foryourpage #yourpage #fypシ #xyzbca #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp

At a recent event, Seungri was easily recognized by his fans.

Recently, Seungri once again became the talk of the town when spotted at an event in Malaysia. A fan proudly displayed an album signed by the former BIGBANG member. Notably, the album was G-Dragon’s solo work, and even though Seungri signed on it, he didn’t forget to mention: “Sorry, I’m not GD.”

The fan also shared more about Seungri: “He has a dark past, but he is not the same anymore. He is not always a bad person. He is super friendly and trying to live a normal life like all of us.”

Seungri wrote on the album: “Sorry, I’m not GD.”

After Seungri’s incident, BIGBANG seems unlikely to make a comeback. The MV “Still Life” is considered their last product, a farewell message from the remaining four members to the fans. Currently, T.O.P removed the group’s name himself, Daesung and Taeyang left YG to pursue individual paths. Recently, G-Dragon also faced difficulties due to drug allegations, which significantly affected his career. Therefore, any actions by Seungri related to his former group members are quite sensitive to the BIGBANG fandom.

Source: tiktok

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