The unexpected effects after Will Smith’s slap: The fight clip reached 65 million views, saving the Oscar while Chris Rock benefits from the incident

Will Smith’s on-stage assault of Chris Rock shocked fans. However, it brings unexpected results in the light of media effects.

The hottest news in the entertainment world for the past 2 days has been Will Smith‘s on-stage slap to comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony on March 27th. The media and fans were shocked by the famous actor’s action, while the public argued and analyzed the situation to see who was right and who was wrong.

One day after the shocking scandal, the unexpected media effect after Will Smith‘s slap attracted the attention of the public. All the characters involved from the Man In Black actor, Chris Rock (who was beaten) to the Oscar ceremony all benefited.

Will Smith

The uncensored clip of the slap hit many view milestones

Immediately after Will Smith’s spontaneous act on the Oscar stage, the media and social networks were explosive. A series of articles reporting the incident were shared on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, etc. creating a marvelous effect, making the names of Will Smith and Chris Rock covered everywhere.

Notably, clips of Will‘s actions for Chris spread at breakneck speed. The Guardian is one of the sites to share the clip of Will’s slap at the Oscar stage early, quickly and fully retaining the angry swear words of the famous actor. After less than 1 day, this clip reached more than 65 million views, no different from the music videos of famous singers. And the series of videos that followed by other media sites reached several million after 24 hours.

Oscar was “saved”: Ratings rose without a hitch, erasing memories of last year’s poor views

According to analysis data from Nielsen, the 94th Academy Awards ceremony attracted 15.4 million viewers via ABC channel, with a rating of 3.2. Meanwhile, last year’s Oscars only had 9.85 million followers, the lowest in the history of this award show. The number of 15.4 million viewers for this year’s awards ceremony represents an increase of up to 56% compared to last year.

Meanwhile, the rating for watching Oscar shows through Samba TV has increased by 32% compared to 2021.

This year’s Oscar rating is free from last year’s bleak and gloomy scene

This is good news for the Academy and ABC television. Over the years, Oscar’s ratings have continuously decreased. The organizers tried to create impressive viral moments to attract attention to the program, but no one could have guessed that Chris Rock‘s joke caused Will Smith to explode, stand up, storm onstage and smack Rock in the face. This event has made the Oscars the most talked about awards ceremony on social media.

Chris Rock suddenly became the most benefited person after the incident

After Will Smith’s violent act, the media and fans have come to dissect and analyze the incident. There are many opinions that Will Smith’s career is likely to suffer because of his violent actions right on television.

However, in contrast to the current Will Smith situation, Chris Rock, who has a quite offensive joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, is currently receiving great attention. According to the NY Post, the ticket price and demand for Chris’ show are increasing significantly after Will‘s slap.

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