“Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” unveils behind-the-scenes moments “How was Jisoo’s gorgeous fairy visual completed”

The delightful behind-the-scenes moments of “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” have been revealed

The film “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” (directed by Kim Seong-sik) depicts a fake exorcist who can’t see ghosts but solves the case with ghost-like insight, and is commissioned for a powerful possession case.

The released video highlights the cheerful chemistry of the “Dr. Cheon” team led by Kang Dong-won (as Dr. Cheon), who actively contributes ideas. The cast of actors who have gathered for this film, including the highly anticipated special appearances, adds to the intrigue.


Kang Dong-won and Esom do not lose their smiles even while filming various action scenes. They provide a thrilling action behind-the-scenes, from bare body action to car action.

In contrast to the film’s atmosphere, the warm charm of Huh Joon-ho, the strong teamwork even during overnight shoots of Lee Dong-hwi, Kim Jong-soo and the lovely energy of Park So-yi captivate the audience, adding to the heartwarming chemistry of the “Dr. Cheon” team.

Furthermore, scenes of filming with the actors who have gained attention through special appearances, from Park Myung-hoon (as Mr. Park), Lee Jung-eun (as Mr. Park’s wife), Cho Yi-hyun (as Mr. Park’s daughter), Park Jeong-min (as fairy shaman) to Jisoo (as a Korean traditional fairy) contribute to the high level of interest from the audience.

Source: Daum

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