The reason why EXID Hani suddenly got serious while mentioning her boyfriend Yang Jae-woong… “I’m speechless”

EXID Hani mentioned psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong, who is in a public relationship with her.

On Oct 6th, a video titled “Idol blackening expert^^ EXID Hani comeback celebration” was uploaded on LeoJ’s YouTube channel.

LeoJ asked Hani, “Aren’t you in a public relationship now?” Hani replied, “Yes. The relationship was publicized (regardless of my will).”

However, when asked if she was comfortable with the publicization, Hani smiled and said honestly, “Yes. Before that, I always felt uncomfortable and sorry (to fans).”

Hani then looked at the camera and confessed, “But I’m a little dumbfounded.”

She declaimed, “Reading comments or posts, (my boyfriend) is a psychiatrist who is 10 years older than me, so I almost became like a feeble-minded person, a person being gaslighted.”

Hearing this, LeoJ replied “Oh, really?” without a single change in his expression. Hani asked, “Please sympathize with me.” In response, LeoJ looked depressed, saying, “I sympathize with you.

Hani made everyone laugh by telling LeoJ, “Don’t say ‘Oh, really?’ half-heartedly like this. Sympathize with me.”

Hani then said with a serious face to haters, “No. I’m not feeble-minded.”

Hani and Yang Jae-woong, who overcame the 10-year age gap, started dating publicly in June when both sides acknowledged their romantic relationship.

Hani’s boyfriend Yang Jae-woong is a psychiatrist. Yang Jae-woong, who is also the representative director of a hospital located in Bucheon, is active on YouTube and broadcasting together with his older brother Yang Jae-jin.

After debuting with EXID in 2011, Hani received love for hit songs such as “Up&Down”, “DDD”, “Ah Yeah” and “Hot Pink”. To celebrate their 10th debut anniversary on Sep 29th, EXID made a comeback as a whole after 3 years with the new song “Fire”.

Source: wikitree

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