Baby V.O.X disbanded because of Lee Ha-neul’s blunt remarks… What did he say?

Yoon Deung-ryong, former CEO of DR Music, cited DJ DOC Lee Ha-neul’s blunt remarks as the reason for the disbandment of girl group Baby V.O.X.

CEO Yoon, who produced a number of idol groups such as Baby V.O.X and Rania, revealed the background of disbanding Baby V.O.X in an interview with YouTuber-former entertainment reporter Kim Yong-ho on April 21st.

CEO Yoon first explained the cause of the conflict between Baby V.O.X and Lee Ha-neul. The conflict began in 2004 when Baby V.O.X released their 7th album’s title track “Xcstasy”.

“Xcstasy” was a sample of a song by American rapper 2Pac. Lee Ha-neul expressed displeasure towards Baby V.O.X on the broadcast, saying, “They use 2Pac commercially. They need to get beaten up.” Lee Ha-neul also wrote posts on SNS to disparage and insult Baby V.O.X as prostituted women.

Regarding this, CEO Yoon said, Lee Ha-neul told a very vulgar story. I really wanted to kill him. Baby V.O.X is a group of 5 girls, and they cried every day. They didn’t want to be on TV. The children were hurt a lot.”

He confessed, “I went to see him in person, but he ran away every time. Lee Ha-neul‘s remarks eventually became the decisive reason for Baby V.O.X to disband.”

CEO Yoon said he had never seen Lee Ha-neul since the incident. He shared, “I’ve been to all the places that Lee Ha-neul could come, but I never saw him. It’s all in the past. Isn’t it a thing of the past? I want to talk about things that I couldn’t and things I wanted to blame him for.”

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