Chinese Actress Viral for Historical Dramas Stuns in New Hairstyle

Known for her beauty in historical dramas, this famous Chinese actress captivates the audience with her beauty in a new hairstyle. 

Currently, Tian Xiwei is one of the young beauties garnering attention in the Chinese entertainment industry. The audience knows and loves her for her excellent acting skills and the charming, sweet beauty she possesses.

Tian Xiwei

Not long ago, Tian Xiwei created a buzz with her appearance at the “iQIYI’s 2023 Scream Night” event, as well as with leaked images from the set of “Guardians of the Dafeng.”

Now, Tian Xiwei once again leaves netizens in awe with her participation in offline activities for the mobile game “Yang Meng Star.”

Tian Xiwei

According to netizens’ comments, Tian Xiwei looks incredibly cute and full of vitality, thanks to her double ponytail hairstyle that perfectly suits her face. Below are some comments from netizens:

  • The double ponytail is so adorable.
  • This hairstyle makes her face look round and cute, incredibly adorable.
  • She looks so lovely with this hairstyle
  • She’s insanely beautiful
  • You can feel positive energy just by looking at her.
  • The new hairstyle looks beautiful; a completely different sweet charm compared to the one she had at the previous event.

Additionally, with this hairstyle and outfit, Tian Xiwei delighted fans by sharing a series of new photos on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo.

Source: K14

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