Thailand announces its first virtual human ‘Ailynn’…Is she better than Korea’s Rozy?

Is the Thai virtual human better than the Korean one?

‘Metaverse’, which combines the virtual world with the real world, is emerging as a global innovation trend, and countries around the world are competing to introduce virtual humans. 

AIS, Thailand’s largest 5G (5th generation) telecommunications company, recently announced that they had recruited Thailand’s first virtual human named Ailynn as their new brand ambassador.

Ailynn virtual human

Ailynn was created by SIA Bangkok – Thailand’s first virtual influencer agency. She is set as a 21-year-old girl, 165cm tall, and features an oriental appearance. She describes herself as a creator, freelancer, influencer, and more. Her debut was successful. She reached 5500 Instagram followers in just a week. 

Ailynn virtual human

SIA Bangkok is known to use Rozy of Sidus Studio X, a Korean content creative company, as a role model. Rozy has signed more than 8 exclusive contracts and received more than 100 sponsorships this year alone. Starting with the TV commercial of ‘Shinhan Life’, she advertised beauty and cosmetics advertisements that only top models could do. She is expected to increase sales by more than 1 billion won by the end of this year. 

Accordingly, foreign media explained that SIA Bangkok also saw that virtual humans could be a means to replace existing celebrities. Virtual humans are aimed to sign model contracts such as advertisements, music videos, and sponsorship reviews.

rosy virtual human
Rozy visits the Gucci house

Virtual humans are rapidly penetrating the global market in recent years. The Brazilian distribution conglomerate ‘Magazine Luiza’ introduced Lu Do Magalu, a virtual influencer, as their model. Rozy recently also signed new model contracts one after another. On October 6, Rozy became an advertisement model for Shinhan Financial Investment’s mobile app, ‘Shinhan Alpha.’ 

It is believed that the popularity of virtual humans lies in the fact that there is no risk at all. Baek Seung-yeop, CEO of Sidus Studio X, said in an interview, “(Actual celebrities and models) may cause problems such as drunk driving and assault. The big advantage of virtual influencers is that they have no scandals.”

In addition, unlike the cyber singer Adam in the past, there is a positive factor that real-time communication with fans through SNS is possible. It can give the illusion that fans are communicating with the real model. 

Source: Daeum

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