5 idols who have the “chic city guy” image but were born on islands

There are idols who exude the image of a ‘cool city man’ with a sophisticated look and chic charm.

There are Kpop idols, who were born and raised on the island, then moved to Seoul at a young age to fulfill their dream of becoming a singer and worked harder than anyone else.

Let’s take a look at male idols who came from afar, debuted in the entertainment industry, and achieved success.

1. GOT7’s Jinyoung

Jinyoung, a member of the group GOT7, who is active as an actor as well as a singer, is from Udo, Jinhae-gun, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. 

Udo is a small island with a population of 159 as of 2017.

Jinyoung, who has a warm appearance, was very famous among his peers for his handsome features even when he was attending school in Udo.

Jinyoung, who has a figure that cannot help but stand out even on an island, passed the JYP open recruitment audition and eventually moved to Seoul.

2. WINNER Kim Jinwoo 

Kim Jinwoo, a member of the group WINNER, who recently made a comeback, is from Imjado, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do.

Kim Jin-woo, who grew up in a village on the island, said in a past broadcast, “There’s really nothing to do on the island. I used to go swimming and fishing. I often play outdoors in winter and light matches to keep warm when it’s cold.

3. Seventeen Seungkwan

Seungkwan, a member of SEVENTEEN, who captured the hearts of women with his cool facial features and alluring eyes, also moved to Seoul from Jeju Island.

Seungkwan, who is so full of affection for his hometown that he is called the ‘son of Jeju Island‘, has even sung a song in the Jeju dialect in the past.

Also, in SEVENTEEN’s own reality show, he spoke with an accent mixed with the Jeju dialect, making fans excited.

4. iKON Kim Jinhwan

Kim Jin-hwan, a member of the group iKON, who is loved for his appealing tone and warm appearance, is also from Jeju Island.

In the past, Kim Jin-hwan drew attention by saying, “I ate so much seafood that I didn’t feel like it was seafood because Jeju Island was my hometown.

Kim Jin-hwan, who has a natural talent, came to Seoul from Jeju Island to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.

5. The Boyz Ju Hakyeon

Ju Haknyeon, a member of the group The Boyz, was born and raised in Seogwipo, Jeju Island.

Ju Hakyeon, nicknamed “Tangerine Spoon,” is known to have his mother running a pig farm in Jeju.

In the past, Hakyeon surprised everyone by revealing, “When I was young, my mother gave me allowance when I worked part-time to clean up pig dung. I raise about 3,000 pigs.”

Source: insight

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