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Female employee reveals the story of a perverted manager who watches 19+ videos in the office 

The story about a kind office manager with a hidden perverted side was told on the recent episode of “Official Villain”.

MBN Channel S’s program “Office Villain” broadcast on March 20th introduced the story of “a kind manager with an unexpected side”.

In the eyes of other staff members, this manager was very kind and competent. However, it turned out that he was a pervert who watched adult videos in the office.

A, a new employee who had just joined the company, used to admire the manager’s kindness and consideration, only to later discover the manager’s true face. In particular, when she and several other employees returned to the office after having lunch, they heard moaning sounds coming from the manager’s computer headphones, and this was just the beginning.

The manager explained to the startled employees, “I forgot to turn off the ads. I’m not that kind of person”. All the employees believed him, thinking “It could happen. Sexual advertisement has been a serious problem these days.”

However, while searching for materials on the manager’s computer at his request, A discovered a list of obscene videos.

In addition, A once returned to her company to pick up the phone she left in the office after work, and she was shocked to witness the manager watching 19+ videos in the office.

Expressing her concern, A said, “Was there any other intention behind the actions of the manager, who has been so kind all this time? How should I deal with this perverted ‘office villain’ manager who watches 19+ videos in the office where we have to work diligently?”

Official Villain

While everyone raised suspicion of the shocking story, similar experiences were told. There were many perverts who access porn websites in the office, send obscene messages through internal messengers, or store sexual content on USBs containing meeting materials.

Regarding such cases, lawyer Kim So Young said, “There are actually more incidents like this than we think”, adding, “Showing such unpleasant content is also harassment. There have been court cases where some people reported that they found photos of genital organs while cleaning executives’ offices.”

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