G-Dragon caused a stir by using ‘Hannam Style’ term

Big Bang member G-Dragon’s Instagram story comment has caused a stir.

On the 1st, G-Dragon posted a photo on his official Instagram story. In the posted photo, G-Dragon is seen taking a cheerful selfie with singer Psy, capturing the attention. Along with the photo, G-Dragon surprised fans by adding the caption, “Oppa Hannam Style.”

G-Dragon’s mention of ‘Hannam Style’ appears to be a parody of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style.’ In reality, G-Dragon currently resides in Hannam-dong, so he incorporated Hannam instead of Gangnam to reveal his own style.

G-Dragon psy

However, G-Dragon’s reference to ‘Hannam Style’ has caused a significant stir online. This is because recently, terms like ‘Hannam’ and ‘Hannyeo’ have been used online as derogatory terms to refer to Korean men and women, respectively.

When G-Dragon casually mentioned these words, netizens had a heated reaction, with comments like “Did he really not know the meaning when he used them?” “If he knew what it meant, he’s a real man,” and “Pure hip-hop” surfacing.

Even in female online communities, there were comments such as “Was G-Dragon a Muggle?” “Whether he knew or not, it’s hilarious,” “I burst out laughing as soon as I saw it,” “It’s so cute because it seems like he used it without knowing the meaning,” “Kwon Ji-yong (G-Dragon’s real name) ripped me apart,” and “G-Dragon, my laughing gas.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon, well-known as the ‘copyright chaebol,’ owns three luxury apartments worth hundreds of billions of won, including Galleria Fore, Nine One Hannam, and Warner Cheongdam.

Source: insight

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