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Park Min-young Talks About Na In-woo’s Personality, “He Calls Me With A Cute Voice On The Set”

Actress Park Min-young revealed her impression of her co-star Na In-woo in the drama “Marry My Husband”

The February 17th broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday” featured the guest appearances of Park Min-young and Na In-woo, the main cast of the drama “Marry My Husband”.

Moon Se-yoon said,Na In-woo has different images when appearing in dramas and on entertainment shows”, adding “He acts with a low and serious voice in dramas, but for entertainment programs, he always approaches me and says ‘Big brother~’”, drawing laughter. He then asked Park Min-young, “You became close to Na In-woo while filming the drama, right? Did you notice any differences during the drama filming?”.

Amazing Saturday Park Min-young Talks About Na In-woo

In response, Park Min-young said, “He looks exactly like what he shows on entertainment shows. He normally played around a lot, but as soon as the shoot began, he immediately immersed himself in the character”. She added, “Na In-woo usually calls me, ‘Noona~’ with a cute voice, but his voice becomes lower when he acts”.

Park Min-young commented, “At first, I was very surprised because I had never seen anyone with such a big difference, but now I’ve already adapted to it”. 

Source: Nate

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