Lee Sung-kyung “Last year was the most difficult year mentally”

Actress Lee Sung-kyung revealed that she went through a difficult time last year

Lee Sung-kyung appeared on “Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night”, which was released on May 16th.

She said, “The reason why being misunderstood hurts is due to feeling that it’s unfair. The hurt feeling coming from thinking it’s unfair is… one of the hardest things to endure. I was hurt big time before due to that. There are more times I’m having a job where I can’t explain about things I feel unfair about.

lee sung kyung

She continued, “But one day… this is something I’m still working on. After I changed my mind that it’s okay to be misunderstood, I feel more comfortable now. If someone sees me as an immature person who has high tension and no deep thoughts… then I’m okay to be seen like that.”

Lee Sung-kyung mentioned, “Someone said this ‘I’m okay with being seen like that’ and ‘I’m good with it’ and that looked really cool. This friend I know is a really cool person but he/she was seen as a light person. And this friend said that. After I heard that, I felt hit. I was like ‘I’ll follow what you said’.

Jo Hyun-ah commented, “I think you became a better person by having that healthy mindset and that you spent your 20s really well.”

lee sung kyung

Lee Sung-kyung confessed, “Last year was the most difficult year mentally. My body couldn’t take a rest so in terms of hormone, both dopamine and serotonin didn’t come out. Those two are happiness hormones, as you know. As my mentality got so weak, the way I relieved them didn’t work and stimulating things that harm me temporarily made me feel relieved. Dopamine that is too strong… But eventually, those things didn’t relieve me actually.

She shared, “But a few days before last year ended, this thing made me feel completely okay. I found a reason. I wasn’t doing On/Off well. I thought I was doing well with that. I am honest to myself and I have much interest in myself. I deluded myself that I was doing that well but I actually wasn’t.

She added, “In one interview, one actor said that he/she asks oneself a question that leads to self-blame. I thought that question I ask myself should at least not a self-blame and it should be about taking care of myself asking ‘How are you now? Are you okay?’ I hope the questions are about looking after me. I really think that’s a good thought and that healed me. Let’s do the best I could do today. Take nutritional supplements and if my condition is bad, get one Ssanghwatang. Have a pretty, good, thankful mindset and let’s spend time happily. Once that thought was concluded, I wrote that down in a diary. I was thankful that I could have good thoughts like that. At that time, I really felt that I became healthier.

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