Fans raged at Woollim Ent for promoting their boy group DRIPPIN on the SNS account of the disbanded girl group Lovelyz

Woollim Entertainment is being harshly criticized for promoting their boy group DRIPPIN via Lovelyz’s SNS. 

Lovelyz disbanded on November 1st last year when all members, except for Baby Soul, decided not to renew their expired exclusive contracts with Woollim.

On the evening of January 5th, both the profile and background photos on Lovelyz’s SNS were changed. The background photo, which was originally Lovelyz’s album jacket picture, was replaced with a binary code (code that represents the computer’s language in binary data). The profile image was taken down and replaced by a photo of an unknown man’s silhouette.

Woollim Ent Lovelyz

It has been two months since the girl group’s disbandment in November last year, so some people thought Lovelyz’s SNS was hacked. However, this SNS activity was confirmed to be related to the concept of DRIPPIN’s comeback title song “Villain” to be released on January 17th. Apart from Lovelyz, profile and background photos on the SNS accounts of other Woollim artists, such as Golden Child, were also changed in the same way.

When Woollim was confirmed to have used Lovelyz’s SNS to promote DRIPPIN‘s new album, some fans reacted harshly. This is because the SNS of the disbanded group is usually left as a space for fans. 2NE1, which officially disbanded in November 2016, has also not posted anything on their official SNS since the last post in September 2013.

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Woollim Ent Lovelyz

Moreover, Woollim has been criticized several times for showing an indifferent attitude in the process of Lovelyz’s disbandment. Lovelyz released its 7th mini-album in September 2020 and then disbanded after a hiatus of over a year. On average, the group released a new album every 5 to 6 months, but their activities declined sharply after their 6th mini-album in May 2019. The last update on Lovelyz’s account was the post in October, which was the “Random Q&A” corner on Youtube account ‘MUPLY’ filmed one year before their disbandment.

It’s not that Lovelyz was indifferent to their comeback.  Regarding the postponement of the comeback, on Naver V Live last October, Jisoo said disappointedly, “We did everything we could. It’s not that we didn’t say ‘I want to release an album’.”

Woollim Ent Lovelyz

In response, Lovelyz fans criticized Woollim, saying, “I’m really disappointed about Woollim”, “How could they use the account of a disbanded group for this. At least, know the manner”

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