Woollim artists’ SNS got hacked by surprise… What does “green noise + male silhouette” mean?

The social networking sites of artists belonging to Woollim Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Woollim) were hacked by surprise.

On Jan 6th, a mysterious image drew attention by occupying the header and profile of Woollim‘s official SNS as well as INFINITE, BabySoul, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, Drippin and Kwon Eun-bi‘s official SNS. The header, which was decorated by each artist’s album jacket, was changed to a photo with green noise, and the profile filled with each artist’s logo was occupied by an unknown male silhouette.

Woollim artists' SNS got hacked

Global fans’ keen attention was focused on the sudden hacking of Woollim artists’ SNS. In particular, speculation has been pouring in that this incident has a deep connection with Drippin, the group which showcased various superpowers and cell phones being hacked through their comeback prologue videos earlier. Following fireworks, thunder and lightning, light control, superhuman strength, time and space control, fans are raising the question of whether hacking will also be a special power of Drippin.

Meanwhile, Drippin, who has emerged as a major figure in the hacking happening of Woollim artists’ SNS, will release their third mini-album “Villain” on Jan 17th.

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