“To make me date them, they offered sponsorships, main character roles…”, An idol-turned-announcer talks about the temptations she faced in the past

An announcer who used to be a girl group member confessed that she was tempted by bad things in the past. 

On August 5th, the Youtube channel “Update Olympics” uploaded a video titled “[Meeting Park Seo-hwi] The whereabouts of this former Korea University’s ulzzang and girl group member… The dignity of a person with 4th-degree black belt Taekwondo, 12 certificates”.

The released video shows Park Seo-hwi, an announcer who used to be a member of the girl group LPG, answering an interview.

She said, “I go to work at 4 a.m every morning. I’m in charge of a live broadcast called ‘Interview on my way to work’ at 8 a.m. I also perform play at Daehak-ro theater”, revealing her current situation.

Recalling the past, Park Seo-hwi confessed, “I can now comfortably say this. I encountered many bad temptations in the broadcasting industry when I worked as a girl group member or a solo singer”, adding “Since I was young back then, many people easily approached me.”

She continued, “They offered me many things, such as sponsorships, some roles, and even the main character roles, and asked me to become their girlfriend” adding “Receiving these offers, I thought that I should grow up. Otherwise, I would always become the target and they would keep on approaching me.”

After quitting her idol career with LPG, Park Seo-hwi worked many part-time jobs that she had not done before, such as bookbinding, staff for free-sample booths, weddings, guarding model houses, etc.

Many people were surprised to know that Park Seo-hwi obtained a total of 12 certificates in different fields, such as Korean food, Chinese food, Western food, confectionery and baking, while working part-time.

Lastly, Park Seo-hwi shared, “Those experiences helped me a lot in dealing with people and doing broadcasts”, adding “By communicating with many people, my empathy ability and conversation skills also improved”.

Source: nate

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