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“The filming was stopped several times…” Chuu shared about why she stopped talking to her mom for 6 months when she debuted

Chuu of LOONA expressed her regret over how she had no choice but to cut contact with her mother for 6 months.

In Channel A’s entertainment show “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center,” which aired on Oct 7th, Chu appeared and confessed her hardships, including her tendency to self-harm by overeating. She sobbed so much that filming was suspended several times during the recording that day.

On this day, Chuu was diagnosed with “Smile Mask Syndrome” by Dr. Oh Eun-young. “Smile Mask Syndrome” refers to an unstable psychological state where the patient deliberately hides their difficult feelings under the compulsion to maintain a bright appearance.

Loona Chuu

In the broadcast, Chuu said that she chose to escape every day by sleeping because it was hard to endure when she had a hard time at the beginning of her debut.

She also surprised everyone by revealing that she misunderstood her mother’s words at the time and even cut off contact for six months.

She said, “I’ve been in touch with my family recently, but before that, it was a little difficult for me to communicate with my mom,” adding, “I confessed to my mom because I thought I was facing a big problem in my life. I asked, ‘I think I have a little problem, but what do you think?’ but she said, ‘Endure it, even if you are damaged emotionally or externally, endure it,’” she explained the reason why she stopped contacting her mom.

Chuu Loona

“I had a difficult time after enduring for a few months. So I didn’t contact her for six months after hearing her telling me to endure it. I struggled so bad that I didn’t contact her,” she said. “I thought she couldn’t understand me. I told her that I was so upset and exhausted,” she said, sharing her thoughts at the time.

When the memory of that time came to mind, Chuu shed her tears, saying, “Wait a minute” as her emotions became intense.

She said, “It’s been a while ago, and our relationship is actually very good right now, but many things have happened at the same time with it. I didn’t know how to solve it because everything came at once,” adding, “In fact, at the beginning of my debut, I could only go outside for about 20 minutes, less than an hour. I wanted to go out and get some fresh air. If I couldn’t even get some fresh air then…” she stopped mid-sentence.

Oh Eun-young said, “It’s natural to struggle when you’re in a hard situation,” and advised sincerely, “I think you’ll be able to continue and do a good job at feeling, expressing natural emotions, and doing what you want to do and have to do.”

Loona Chuu

“We live wearing social masks. It doesn’t mean that you are deceiving anyone or pretending, but you are responding like this here with this role and living accordingly as a different one at other times,” she said, explaining the concept of “social mask.”

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