Lee Jun Ho X Im Yoona, affectionate eye contact at press conference (King the Land)

The relationship between Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona becomes stronger.

The appearance of Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho) and Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoona) conveying their feelings without having to speak in the July 8th broadcast of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “King the Land” (written by Choi Rom/directed by Im Hyun Wook) was revealed.

lee junho im yoona

In the previous broadcast, Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang had an opportunity to get closer in the midst of a crisis. In order to save Cheon Sa Rang, who was in distress while looking for a ginseng digger, Goo Won even flew a helicopter. Cheon Sa Rang gave Goo Won an experience of feeling the small happiness of everyday life, like a market date. In addition, while Goo Won continued to go straight, Cheon Sa Rang felt subtle jealousy when she saw Goo Won with the youngest daughter of the First Royal Hotel, and the flow of emotions towards both sides made viewers excited.

lee junho im yoona

In the meantime, Cheon Sa Rang holds a press conference with Goo Hwa Ran (Kim Seon Young). Goo Hwa Ran treats the reporter with a relaxed expression while Cheon Sa Rang is nervous and stiff, causing pity. And there is no smile on the face of Goo Won, who is watching this quietly from behind the press conference room.

Cheon Sa Rang does her best at the press conference to fulfill her duty as an employee even in an uncomfortable situation. Above all, there is unspeakable affection in the eyes of Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang while looking at each other. Accordingly, expectations are high for the main broadcast, which will reveal the reason why Cheon Sa Rang attends the press conference and the telepathy between Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang. “King the Land” will air at 10:30 PM on July 8th.

Source: Daum

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