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Hwang Minhyun reveals the name of “Boys Planet” Top 9 debut group 

During the finale of the survival program “Boys Planet”, Hwang Minhyun appeared as a star master and announced the debut group’s name. 

On the live finale of Mnet’s survival audition program “Boys Planet”, which aired on April 20th, singer and actor Hwang Minhyun was the host and revealed the debut group name.


In particular, Hwang Minhyun said, “Alongside the lineup of the group that will be born tonight, there’s another thing that arouses just as much curiosity. It’s the debut group name.”

He also raised expectations by saying, “I’m also very curious about which group name the trainees who will achieve their dream of debuting will be active with. I will now reveal the group name of the final top 9 members.”


Afterwards, Hwang Minhyun revealed the group name to be Zero Base One, or ZB1, adding, “Do you feel the infinite possibilities that will be filled from zero? Please continue to show interest and support for ZB1.”

Meanwhile, out of the finalists in the last episode of “Boys Planet”, the Top 9 trainees with the most vote will debut as ZB1.

Source: Daum

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