Netizens Discuss Whether SHINee Taemin’s New Album Inclusions Crossed the Line with Its Sexual Concept 

The inclusions of SHINee Taemin’s new solo album “Guilty” stir mixed reactions

SHINee’s Taemin, renowned for his innovative solo concepts and visuals, has ignited a heated discussion with his latest album release. 

On October 30, Taemin unveiled his 4th mini album, “Guilty,” which ditched the conventional physical album approach in favor of an intriguing shoebox concept, sparking excitement among fans.

In the days following the album’s release, fans took to Twitter to share its inclusions. Beneath the initial album contents lies a peephole designed to unveil more images, which includes a series of close-up photocards featuring various parts of Taemin’s body. 

This has left some feeling uneasy due to its sexual nature, with the peephole drawing comparisons to molka, the illicit act of spycam. Furthermore, Taemin’s appearance in a boyish concept has amplified these sentiments among netizens.

While some netizens feel that this has crossed the line, many fans argue that the sexual nature of the album’s inclusions is a deliberate choice to evoke a “guilty” sensation in the viewers, aligning with the album’s title. 

Additionally, fans believe the concept serves as a statement about Taemin’s evolution from being an underaged idol thrust into a sexualized spotlight by adults during the early days of his debut to reclaiming his own adult agency in expressing intimacy.

Source: X/Twitter

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