Bibi “I have sad nipple syndrome. If the stimulation continues…”

Rapper Bibi revealed that she has sad nipple syndrome.

In TVING’s original program “Witch Hunt 2022” (hereinafter referred to as “Witch Hunt”), which was released on Sep 2nd, Kim Eana introduced, “‘Sad Nipple Syndrome’, which is characterized by symptoms of depression and helplessness when you or others touch your nipples. It’s not medically defined, but quite a few people are like that.”

Bibi confessed, “I have this, this, this. It’s sad nipple syndrome. But if the stimulation (?) continues, I think about… I think about my mom, I think about the universe. I get very depressed and I’m like ‘Hmm…’.”

Code Kunst then asked, “How much should you touch your nipples to be like that?” Bibi replied, “The direction doesn’t matter much, just touch them like this…”

Upon hearing this, Shin Dong-yup rubbed his nipples and heated up the studio by sharing his thoughts, “Exactly here…” 

Code Kunst said, “Cows were like that, too. They felt depressed when I touched their nipples.”

Kim Eana was surprised. She asked, “Really? Why did you go around touching cows’ nipples?” Code Kunst made everyone burst into laughter by answering, “The experience of milking cows. Their eyes were very sad.”

Meanwhile, “Witch Hunt 2022” is a talk show that deals with all aspects of the reality of love.

Source: daum

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