Chuu is doing well after being kicked out of LOONA… Despite former agency’s claim of “power abuse”

She was kicked out with her former agency’s claim of “power abuse”, but she is doing better. Chuu is walking on a flowery path after leaving LOONA thanks to public opinion that supports her.

Earlier on Nov 25th, the agency Blockberry Creative announced, “We decided to expel and remove Chuu from LOONA. We conducted an investigation after receiving reports about power abuse, including verbal abuse, by Chuu toward our staff members, and found out it was true.

Power abuse? It’s ridiculous“… The public questioning the agency’s statement

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However, the atmosphere of public opinion was quite different compared to previous “power abuse” celebrities. Considering the image Chuu has built up over the past 5 years since her debut in 2017 and the attitude she showed on various programs, she seemed far from power abuse. Furthermore, the fact that the agency, which was supposed to protect the artist, exposed Chuu’s problem and kicked her out was an action that fans could not understand. Since there was no evidence that Chuu overused her power, fans raised doubts.

On top of that, as people who worked with Chuu defended her, the agency’s claim lost credibility. The writer of the web entertainment program “Chuu Can Do It” said, “Power abuse? It’s ridiculous. Even when it was tiring for Ji Woo (Chuu), she was someone who worried in case the staff wouldn’t get paid. We all know that (the agency) didn’t take good care of her. Even so, Ji Woo will do well.” A staff working with her in a commercial shooting shared, “Power abuse? There’s no such thing. Chuu is one of the rare celebrities with an amazing personality and always happily greets her staff on set even though she’s tired. There’s no previous example of a company admitting to power play, self-exposing and voluntarily posting it online. What nonsense.

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A staff member working with Chuu for 2 months confessed, “Even in my dream I could not think of the day Chuu got into a scandal about her personality. Chuu always cared for other people, those who had to work outside and made sure that the staff would not have to pay from their own pocket. Chuu asked if I had eaten anything, if I was thirsty and even gave me her drink. Chuu is a kind person.” Another staff member revealed their story, “Chuu asked me if I had eaten anything and I replied I did not have the time to eat. She immediately said that could not be (because) skipping meals is not good for health and I should have at least eaten some kimbap. After that, Chuu ran to the convenience store to buy kimbap so the staff would not feel starving. Chuu was that kind… How could a girl like that abuse her power and show attitude to the staff?

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Even LOONA members protected Chuu. Hyunjin said through a fandom platform, “My heart hurts. I am so angry. I’m sure Chuu is the one that’s the most heartbroken right now. Please show her your love and support.

As the controversy intensified, LOONA’s agency announced its additional position, saying, “If there is anything unfair or needed to be correct regarding the relevant facts, it will be a matter for the involved parties to reveal themselves.” Regarding Chuu’s abusive language and power abuse relationship, the company explained, “If Chuu and the victim agree, we will cooperate in providing content and evidence.” However, Chuu refuted, “What’s clear is that I’ve never done anything to embarrass my fans.

Chuu’s unyielding fight has successfully pushed her name into the spotlight despite being kicked out of LOONA

Usually, when unsavory suspicions arise related to celebrities, the advertising and broadcasting circles are always the first to react. If the controversy goes wrong, the brand can be criticized along with the entertainers in question. Therefore, it is common for brands and broadcast programs, where image is the most important, to distance themselves from celebrities in trouble in advance even if they have to take the damage. In fact, the advertising and broadcasting industries were known to have cut ties with Lee Na Eun, Soo Jin, Cho Byung Kyu, and Park Hye Soo despite their unconfirmed school violence controversies.

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But Chuu’s situation is a little different. Rather, the industry seems to be taking her side. Staffs that filmed with Chuu in the past stood up for her, saying, “I hope the small touching stories about what Chuu did for us will be widely known,” and “I will always support Chuu.”

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Chuu is even more active in the entertainment industry than when she was still in LOONA. The “Chuu Can Do It” series, which has been active since January last year, is still being broadcasted in popularity, while she is offered a fixed position in many other entertainment shows as well. In addition, she is also engaged in music activities.

Suspicions of Chuu’s power abuse have emerged and the truth has yet to be revealed, but the wave of support for Chuu is growing. While LOONA’s agency still hasn’t provided any evidence to prove its claim, those who have worked with Chuu are actively revealing their identity to stand up for Chuu. Thanks to positive public opinion, Chuu left LOONA and successfully continued her solo career. Expectations are high on what else Chuu will show as an entertainer in the future.

Source: Daum

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