“It’s not me”… Former After School member Yoo So-young complains of being impersonated, following her SNS being hacked last year

Yoo So-young, a former member of the girl group After School, complained of damages caused by impersonation. 

Yoo So-young posted several photos on her personal Instagram account on July 29th along with the caption “This is not me”.

She continued, “Someone impersonated me”, adding “They sent messages to all of my acquaintances”, revealing that even her acquantainces received messages from the impersonators.

afterschool yoo sooyoung

She then said, “Please report this account and be careful”, asking her followers to report the impersonator and stay cautious to prevent damages. Yoo So-young posted the same message on her Instagram Story and asked fans to be cautious again. 

The photo Yoo So-young released contains a DM message sent to someone by the impersonator who created an Instagram account that looks similar to Yoo So-young’s. The impersonator’s DM message, which said “Dear everybody, I’ve read a lot of your comments on my posts and I’d like to thank my fans for encouraging me to do more things and providing more entertainment content through your comments and good wishes this year”, drew keen attention.

yoo sooyoung

In particular, the impersonator also made posts on their account with Yoo So-young’s pictures. Earlier last year, Yoo So-young had to recover her Instagram account after it was hacked.

Yoo So-young used to be active as a member of After School and she is delivering her recent status through her personal Instagram account.  

Source: nate

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