Recent whereabouts of the actress who played a virgin ghost following Kim Go Eun around in “Goblin”

Park Kyung Hye gained recognition in 2016 through tvN’s drama “Goblin” in which she played a virgin ghost.

In “Goblin,” Park Kyung Hye portrayed a virgin ghost with a unique character, sometimes acting like Ji Eun Tak’s (Kim Go Eun) friend and other times like a ghost, perfectly executing the role of a sinister presence. 


Park Kyung Hye left a strong impact on viewers as a distinctive character who often followed Ji Eun Tak while wandering through the afterlife.

Park Kyung Hye expressed the mischievous side of the virgin ghost while also depicting a serious and timid side. With her diverse and lively facial expressions, she created a memorable character, constantly bringing something new to each scene.


Throughout the drama, Park Kyung Hye’s outstanding acting skills and exceptional presence captivated the viewers.

Park Kyung Hye also shared some behind-the-scenes stories from “Goblin,” revealing that she only wore a single costume throughout the entire filming process. She explained that she never washed the costume even once to fully immerse herself in the role.


I thought the knitted costume might shrink if I washed it incorrectly,” she said. “Although multiple sets of the same costume were prepared, I chose to wear only one to fully commit to the character.

Park Kyung Hye’s dedication extended not only to her acting but also to preserving subtle details through what she wore in the drama.


Park Kyung Hye made her acting debut in 2011 through the movie “Ad Balloon”.

After gaining recognition through “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, she was cast in films such as “Fabricated City”, “1987: When the Day Comes”, “The Drug King”, “Escape from Mogadishu” as well as dramas such as “Distorted”, “My Strange Hero”, “Touch Your Heart”, “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”, “Love in Contract”.


Park Kyung Hye showed off her weighty presence regardless of the size of the role she plays in each work she participates in.

Park Kyung Hye will participate in tvN’s new drama “Useless Lies”, which is drawing attention due to the meeting between Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun.


“Useless Lies” depicts the story of a woman who cannot trust people because of her ability to hear lies and uncovers the truth while getting entangled with a murder suspect who no one believes in his innocence.

Park Kyung Hye will be responsible for viewers’ laughter by playing the role of Cassandra, a superstitious tarot magician.


Meanwhile, tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Useless Lies” is set to premiere in July.

Source: daum

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