This actress, who was very chubby when she was young, has grown up and become a goddess 

Actress Seo Shin Ae reported her recent status to fans.

Born in 1998, Seo Shin Ae debuted as an advertising model for Seoul Milk in 2004. Thanks to her cute face and good acting skills, the young actress was loved a lot by viewers. 

Seo Shin Ae

Seo Shin Ae is best known for her character in the popular drama “High Kick Through the Roof”. At that time, Seo Shin Ae was often called “Hey you punk tank” by Jin Ji Hee and she also boasted an amazing sister chemistry with Shin Se Kyung.

After then, she starred in “The Queen’s Classroom” alongside Go Hyun Jung and began to build her filmography step by step.

Before “High Kick”, Seo Shin Ae appeared in the drama “Thank You” as Bom, a little girl who has a mole on her cheek and HIV Syndrome. Her impressive performance drew compliments as it comforted many adult viewers.

From playing child roles to taking young adult roles, Seo Shin Ae grew up and entered college. She got admitted to Sungkyungkwan University’s College of Arts in 2016 at the age of 19 and graduated in 2022.

While many people were still familiar with Seo Shin Ae’s image as a child actress, the actress caused a stir when she appeared at the Busan Film Festival with a mature atmosphere in a revealing dress.

Seo Shin Ae also published her first essay book and made her debut as a writer. 

Seo Shin Ae

Overcoming a hard time during her long hiatus, Seo Shin Ae is now comforting fans with a brighter look. She drew fans’ curiosity with her recent skinny look after graduating. 

Seo Shin Ae made a post delivering her recent status after losing weight, saying “My birthday has passed, but I’ve been enjoying every day like it’s my birthday”. Fans are also looking forward to her next activity. 

Source: Daum

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