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With “Again My Life” about to come to an end, its rating is also reaching a new rating peak of 12%

“Again My Life” Lee Joon-gi declared that he would be crueler and made the final decision to catch the evil Lee Geung-young.

The rating of episode 15 of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life”, which aired on May 27th, continued its upward trend by soaring to reach 12% for both Seoul metropolitan area and nationwide. The real-time peak of this episode was 13.4%. Ranking 1st place among Friday-Saturday dramas of the same broadcasting time, “Again My Life” also proved its overwhelming power by dominating the No.1 in the chart of mini-series aired in that week (from May 20th to May 27th). In addition, its 2049 rating hit 4.6%, ranking 1st among all programs aired on Friday, including entertainment shows (Data provided by Nielsen Korea).

Again my life

In this 15th episode, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) used Park Dae-ho (Hyun Bong-sik) and Jung Se-yeon (Lee Yeon-doo) to save his life, speeding up the chase for Cho Tae-sub. As Kim Young-il (Han Ki-chan)’s share went to Kim Hee-ah (Kim Ji-eun), park Dae-ho gets pushed into trouble. When the loan from Bando Bank was blocked, Park Dae-ho committed the crime of falsely hiring the missing and taking loans under their names through an illegal outsourcing company run by his former right-hand man. In the end, Kim Hee-woo succeeded in summoning Park Dae-ho to the surface by securing testimony about the crime committed by Park Dae-ho. In addition, Kim Hee-woo pushed Cho Tae-sub further on the defensive again.

Jeon Seok-kyu (Kim Chul-gi), who supports Hee-woo, has been revealed, drawing attention. Jeon Seok-kyu repeatedly blocked Kim Hee-woo’s investigation and order him to withdraw from the investigation of Kim Seok-hoon (Choi Kwang-il) and the arrest of Park Dae-ho. Jeon Seok-kyu’s previous moves made everyone wonder but the misunderstanding was soon resolved. Jeon Seok-kyu dispatched investigator Oh Min-guk (Na In-gyu) to Seoul to help Kim Hee-woo. 

Again my life

In the meantime, Park Sang-man (Ji Chan) became the new CEO of JQ, and Cho Tae-sub tried to meet him. In the end, Kim Hee-woo visited Cho Tae-sub before Park Sang-man and expressed his anger as he knew Cho Tae-sub contacted Park Sang-man. Kim Hee-woo declared to bring Cho Tae-sub to justice but this seems to have exposed Kim Hee-woo’s weaknesses to Cho Tae-sub. 

Again my life

Kim Hee-woo faced a crisis at the end of the episode since Cho Tae-sub has never missed any chance to attack Kim Hee-woo’s weaknesses. Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-kyung), Kim Gyu-ri (Hong Bi-ra), Koo Seung-hyuk (Kim Kyung-min), Oh Min-guk and Ji Sung-ho (Kim Young-jo) were relocated to other prosecutorial branches. Although it was not enough to make Kim Hee-woo’s allies disappear like smoke and leave him alone, Kim Hee-woo still couldn’t expect this counterattack by Cho Tae-sub. Finally, Cho Tae-sub ordered Lee Min-soo (Jung Sang-hoon) to approach and frame Kim Hee-woo, raising the viewers’ curiosity about the next developments.

Again my life

In addition, the past of Han Ji-hyun (Cha Joo-young) and Koo Seung-hyuk were also unveiled, drawing attention. The final episode of “Again My Life”, which is keeping the viewers awaited to find out whether Kim Hee-woo could destroy Cho Tae-sub when he is at the peak of power just like he said “I will show Cho Tae-sub what hell is”, will air at 10 p.m today (May 28th). 

Again my life
Again my life

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