Lee Jong Won and Shin Min Ah Confirmed as Leads for Rom-Com Drama “Because I Want No Loss”

Lee Jong Won will join Shin Min Ah to play the main couple in the new drama “Because I Want No Loss”.

According to Sports Today on August 3rd, Lee Jong Won has been cast in the role of the male lead in the new drama “Because I Want No Loss”.

“Because I Want No Loss” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a woman who enters into a fake marriage because she doesn’t want to incur losses, and a man who becomes her fake husband. The drama was written by Kim Hye Young, the writer of ‘Her Private Life’.

Lee Jong won Shin Min ah

With Shin Min Ah previously being selected as the female lead Son Hae Young, Lee Jong Won will portray Kim Ji Wook, a part-time night shift convenience store worker and a righteous man in the neighborhood. Kim Ji Wook, who has a personality that cannot turn a blind eye to others in need, meets Son Hae Young (Shin Min Ah), and gets involved in a suspicious proposal.

Lee Jong Won, who has appeared in dramas such as “My Unfamiliar Family” and “Hospital Playlist 2”, won MBC Drama Awards’ Male Rookie Award last year for his role in the drama “The Golden Spoon”.

As a peculiar married couple, there is already high anticipation to see what kind of rom-com chemistry Lee Jong Won and Shin Min Ah will showcase.

Source: daum.

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