NewJeans “IU gave us lights to decorate our new home + heartfelt letters”

NewJeans introduced the gifts they received after attending IU's concert as a guest

On May 17th, a video featuring NewJeans was posted on the YouTube channel “Halmyungsoo”.

When Park Myung-soo asked what gift IU gave them for being a guest at her concert, Minji replied, “First, we were grateful she invited us. We experienced great sound and a 360-degree stage. Recently, we moved, and she gave each of us lights to decorate our new home, along with heartfelt letters. It was very touching.”

Because Danielle and Hanni often speak in English, other members also frequently use this language. Haerin shyly admitted, “I need to learn more from these two teachers.”

park myung soo-hyein

Hanni, who was notable for her short hair in the “Bubble Gum” music video, explained, “When we went for the jacket shoot, they pulled all my hair back. My head looked like an egg, and they put a wig on me. I thought it looked really pretty.

Park Myung-soo asked if there were any songs from their upcoming album they did not like. NewJeans members confidently replied, “No, we liked them all.”

Finally, Hanni shared her feelings, “I was touched that you greeted us first at IU’s concert. It’s great to be here again.” Haerin and Minji agreed, and Danielle added with a smile, “I feel like we’ve become closer.”

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