Fanboy apologized after being exposed for discriminating against BOL4 member

The fanboy’s explanation is even more controversial than the video.

Recently, a video showed that BOL4 member Jiyoon was unfairly treated in a fansign because she is not as famous as her bandmate Jiyoung. In the video, a fanboy approached to ask for the signature of the main vocal, then left immediately, which left Jiyoon dazed.

Shortly after, an account claimed to be the fanboy in the video. He explained:

It’s true that this is me. I did not deliberately ignore her. I was so nervous that I couldn’t see her and walked over her. I’m sorry and I love BOL4 so much. I like Jiyoon the most, especially her rap in “Fix Me”. Sometimes I wonder why they didn’t let her release a song because her voice is amazing. When I heard Jiyoon left the group, I was really sad and shocked for a whole day.

When I got the signature, I didn’t recognize what happened until I got back to my seat. I tried to go back but couldn’t do it in that situation and felt depressed.

This fan asserted that he genuinely felt apologetic to the BOL4 member. He even brought vitamins to give to 2 girls but forgot to because he was too anxious.

In response, KPOP fans expressed doubts about this fanboy’s clarification, “He forgot one of the two members just because of anxiety? It sounds like an excuse”, “How come he ignored Woo Jiyoon when he even liked her more than Ahn Jiyoung? He is obviously making an excuse”, “Who would believe these words? “,”If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that he nodded at Woo Jiyoon. That was the reason why she felt awkward and smiled while waving her hand. He definitely knew that Woo Jiyoon was there but still left and just nodded. Simply put, this is too ridiculous”, etc.

Sources: tinnhac

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