Sandara Park Impresses With Unchanging Beauty At The Age of 40 In 2NE1’s New Group Photo

Once mistaken for 2NE1’s maknae during debut days, Sandara Park shocks fans and netizens again with her youthful visual

K-pop fans got emotional as the second-generation girl group 2NE1 recently released photos as a whole group to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary. After being separated for many years, Park Bom, Dara, CL and Minzy are still maintaining their strong bond and friendship. 


Looking at the new group pictures, fans realize that the members have changed so much compared to their debut days. Leader CL is now active both in Korea and overseas. The oldest member Park Bom gains back her beautiful visual after many ups and downs, while maknae Minzy looks more charismatic.

In the case of Dara (real name Sandara Park), who has been in charge of the team’s visual member, she always wows netizens with her unchanging beauty. During the early days after 2NE1 debuted in 2009, Dara impressed everyone with her young face and bold hairstyle. Many people thought she was the youngest member of 2NE1, but in fact, she’s actually 10 years older than maknae Minzy. Before making her debut in Korea, Dara also gained experience in entertainment while working in the Philippines.

After 2NE1’s debut, Dara immediately became one of the top visuals of K-pop’s second generation alongside SNSD’s Yoona, MissA’s Suzy, T-ara’s Jiyeon, After School’s Nana, etc. Despite having a lovely and innocent face, Dara tried many weird and unique hairstyles but still looked very pretty.

dara 2ne1

After 2NE1 disbanded, Dara began to work in many different fields. She participates in various events, appears on variety shows, and also releases new songs. Even after 15 years, her visual remains the same even though she’s almost 40. 

Source: K14

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