Han So-hee’s Former Manager Revealed He Quitted Because He Could Only Sleep Less Than 7 Hours A Week

Actress Han So-hee's former manager came to the "Cultwo Show."

Comedians Nam Ho-yeon and Kim Seung-jin appeared as guests in SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” which aired on May 17.

In one section, a past article was mentioned, reporting that actors Koo Bon-seung, Jung Woo-sung, and Lee Jung-jae were cast on the street of Apgujeong-dong, Seoul and made their debut.

Later, one of the listeners revealed his history of working as an actor manager for four to five years. In fact, he used to do the job of casting actors on the street. The last actress he was in charge of was Han So-hee. The audience said, “I worked with her during the time she was filming “100 Days My Prince.”

han so hee

When host Kim Tae-kyun said, “Actor managers is a tiring job. You have to spend a long time waiting everyday,” the listener reply, “Sleeping 7 hours a week was considered a lot for me. The job required me to take pictures and film videos for them as well.”

“You quitted because you had a hard time,” Kim guessed, and the listener said, “I indeed quitted because I had a hard time. The working pattern was so bad.” When asked if he had any friends who debuted, he replied, “I had many friends who tried to quit.”

Source: daum

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