ADOR Refutes HYBE’s Claim About NewJeans ‘Get Up’ Album Sales, “Fansigning Event Not In First-week Period”

ADOR issued an official statement to counter HYBE’s claim of NewJeans kicking sales for the 2nd EP “Get Up”

On May 17th, ADOR said, “We would like to clarify HYBE’s statement released earlier today”, adding “Considering the fact that other labels kicking album sales by making album distributors purchase albums under a return condition or utilize fan events, the case of NewJeans’s 2nd EP ‘Get Up’ is not like that, contrary to HYBE’s claim”. 


ADOR explained, “Japanese retailer UMJ purchased 150,000 copies through forecasting and consultation of demand, and it cannot be considered a ‘kick sales’ because there were no return conditions”.

They added, “The fansigning event, which was held additionally on August 20th, took place after the first-week tracking period and it had nothing to do with the first-week sales”.

Earlier on the same day, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin disclosed that HYBE forced her to inflate NewJeans’s album sales but she refused it at the interrogation for her injunction to ban HYBE’s exercise of voting rights. However, HYBE responded, saying she increased physical sales for NewJeans’s 2nd EP album “Get Up” using the same tactic, sparking controversy.

Source: daum

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