Both Sides Stay Silent Amid Dating Rumors Of BTS’ Jimin And The Actress Suspected Of Involvement In “Burning Sun”

Song Da-eun from Channel A's hit show "Heart Signal 2" and BTS member Jimin have been rumored to be dating again.

Actress Song Da-eun posted several photos and videos on her official account on May 16. Among them, a video showing a person whose face is covered with flower emojis walking by a river drew the attention of netizens. The background of the video was the same as that of one video of BTS that Jimin appeared in in 2020. The person’s shoes in the video even has the same design as Jimin’s. As the scene in the photo was never included in Jimin’s video, speculation was raised that Jimin might have sent the photo to Song after filming.

jimin bts song daeun

In anothe photo, Song Da-eun is wearing an official merchandise t-shirt with the title of the BTS song “MIC Drop.” Another photo with some yellow balls is presumed to be part of Jimin’s past appearance in BTS’ content. The background in the video of Song Da-eun’s daily life with her dog is very similar to the interior of the house that Jimin unveiled in the past.

The most decisive photo that sparked the romance rumor was a picture of a wireless earphone case with the initials of Song Da-eun and Jimin’s names engraved. Unlike other photos and videos, Song quickly deleted this photo as soon as she uploaded it.

Song shared other photos and videos through Instagram stories that were supposed to automatically disappear 24 hours. When her dating rumors with Jimin went viral on various online communities, she deleted them all even before the 24 hour mark. Some speculate that she felt mentally burdened after being attacked by malicious comments from some BTS fans.

jimin bts song daeun

Song Da-eun’s agency and Jimin’s agency have not made any official positions as of May 17th.

In addition, rumors of Jimin and Song Da-eun dating have been raised since 2022. Last year, Song Da-eun directly expressed her stance on the rumors through her official account, saying, “Please ask someone else other than me about the third party’s action, and I’m in my right mind. I am not intimidated by how scary your fandom is and how much you’re doing to be sued. I’ve collected all the data before.” She did not clearly affirm or deny the rumors.

Meanwhile, Song Da-eun was rumored to be related to Big Bang Seungri’s “Burning Sun scandal” when her history of working at the lounge bar Monkey Museum, which was previously operated by Seungri became known in March 2019. Song’s agency annpunced, “Song Da-eun has nothing to do with a series of incidents related to ‘Burning Sun’. The public speculation is only an expanded interpretation of the fact that Song Da-eun and Seungri had a close personal relationship, and we once again reveal that it is a groundless rumor,” and explained, “Song Da-eun only helped with the work for about a month in the early days of Monkey Museum.” Song Da-eun also explained her friendship with Seungri. “I have known him since I was a student,” Song said.

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