Park So-dam Flaunts Her Healthy Body & Back Muscles While Doing Pilates

Actress Park So-dam drew admiration with her beautiful body figure and amazing Pilates skills in her new SNS update

On May 17th, Park So-dam posted several short videos on her on her SNS account without adding captions.

The released videos reveal Park So-dam concentrating on practicing Pilates. The actress showed off her perfect Pilates skills with accurate postures and excellent flexibility.

park so dam

In particular, Park So-dam aroused keen attention with her impressive back muscles and flawless body figure. After finishing the Pilates practice, Park So-dam said, “Let’s go to the shoot”, unveiling her diligent daily life.

Meanwhile, Park So-dam underwent surgery after getting diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2021. After the surgery, she has recovered her health.

park so dam

Previously, Park So-dam appeared on the YouTube channel of Seo In-guk and confessed, “After my cancer surgery, I often talked to people suffering from the same pain as me through DM”.

She also thanked people who sent supportive messages and words of comfort to her, saying “It comforted me a lot and helped me breathe during such a tough time”.

Source: daum

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