K-netizens Discussed Ha Ji-won’s Super Cow Painting Sold At 5 Million Won

Korean netizens are amazed at the high price of the painting.

On November 4, a post was posted on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann with title “Ha Ji-won’s painting was sold for 5 million won.”

According to this post, a painting named “Super Cow” that actress Ha Ji-won drew for fun was sold at 5 million won ($3,819).

In the comment section, Korean netizens showed their amazement at the high price the rather simple painting can reach.

Some of these comments include,

  • “Wow, that one painting is enough for one year of university tuition fee.”
  • “Can you tell modern art and 4-year-olds’ art apart?” (Ảnh cmt thứ 2)
  • “Besides the painting, there’s also price for the name of the painter. I guess that’s also one type of talents.”
  • “There are some paintings that sell tens of millions of won as artworks with just a few lines drawn… The price of the painting depends on who drew it.”

As of November 5, the original post has gathered approximately 191,000 views and more Internet users are coming to leave their comments.

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