Lee Do Hyun to enter the training center today (August 14th) “Lim Ji Yeon can’t see him off”

Actor Lee Do Hyun will enter the training center on August 14th (today).

Earlier, an official from his agency Yuehua Entertainment Korea told OSEN, “Lee Do Hyun will fulfill his military obligation in the Air Force military band after receiving basic military training at the training center from August 14th. We ask for warm support and encouragement for Lee Do Hyun, who will fulfill his military obligation faithfully and return in good health.”

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According to the agency, there will be no separate official event on the day of enlistment.

In addition, the media reported that the agency asked fans to refrain from visiting as it is a private place with many military soldiers and their families incoming.

As soon as this news spread, attention was also focused on actress Lim Ji Yeon, who is currently in a public relationship with Lee Do Hyun. Unfortunately, she is said to be unable to join Lee Do Hyun’s enlistment site due to her filming schedule for the movie “Revolver”.

lim ji yeon

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun expressed his feelings about enlisting in a long letter through his official fan cafe on August 7th.

He said, “From the moment I started dreaming of becoming an actor to becoming the Lee Do Hyun I am now, I feel like I’ve received so much overwhelming love that I couldn’t even imagine. Even though I am still lacking, thank you for making me enjoy acting more and helping me stand firm by my side.”

He continued, “I will continue to grow as a better actor, with better acting, and become a better person. Honestly, I’m not sure how to repay such overwhelming love yet, but I will make sure to repay each and every one of them, step by step.

Finally, he added, “Now I’m about to enter the military. I will go and return as a cooler person, a healthier individual, and become a better actor. I will adapt well in the military, train diligently, and reappear as a more refined version of myself.”

Source: Wikitree

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