“Is the writer a citizen of Gyeonggi-do?”… Netizens are getting immersed in this drama because of its realistic details

JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes” (written by Park Hae-young, directed by Kim Seok-yoon) drew sympathy from people living in Gyeonggi-do.

My Liberation Notes” depicts the story of three siblings trying to escape from their current and pursue happiness. Lee Min-ki (as Yeom Chang-hee), Lee El (as Yeom Ki-jung), and Kim Ji-won (as Yeom Mi-jung) will work together as three siblings.

My Liberation Notes

The three live in the Sanpo village of Gyeonggi-do, which surrounds Seoul like the white part covering the egg york. They commute to and from Seoul every day for work. Therefore, they also carry the sorrow of being citizens of Gyeonggi-do.

My Liberation Notes

The youngest sister Mi-jung attended a blowing club with her co-workers for the first time. However, she couldn’t get along well with them because she had to come home early for the last train.

Chang-hee broke up with his girlfriend. The girlfriend got angry at him and said, “Who would ever want to live so far away?”. The three siblings delivered sympathetic narratives that touch those who are not living in the countryside, neither in Seoul but in an ambiguous position.

My Liberation Notes

In response, netizens expressed their sympathy, saying, “If you’re a citizen of Gyeonggi-do, you must watch this drama”, “By saying, ‘Let’s meet at Hongdae or Yeouido’, is to end a relationship”, “Let’s meet somewhere in the middle, please”, “Seoul guys, please look at the map”, etc.

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