Top Actress Thinks Hermes Bags Are The Same Level With Tote Bags, “Why Buy If You’re Keeping Them Locked Up?”

Actress Um Ji-won tried minimalism and unveiled a wardrobe full of luxury goods

On December 22nd, actress Um Ji-won posted a video on the YouTube channel with the title “Why are Hermes bags there?…” Maximist Um Ji-won’s Minimalism Challenge! Year-end Wardrobe Organization.”

In this video, Um Ji-won shared, “I just came home from an empty-stomach aerobic exercise. I recently cleaned up my house extensively. The goal is to organize everything. Not only my body but also my things need to be on a diet.”

The first section to be organized was books. Um Ji-won, who is famous for reading a lot of books, showed off her bookselves, which were decided into sections such as novels, novels that were made into dramas or movies, and acting books.

Her dressing room was next to be unveiled. “It takes two nights and three days just to tell the story behind each bag. My acting life is all here,” Um Ji-won said, revealing a collection of luxury bags from Hermes. Underneath them was the drawer where Chanel bags were stored. However, other places were also filled with Hermes bags, some of which were even new bags. Notable, in the tote bag section that Um Ji-won loves to use, tote bags were mixed with Hermes bags. When asked, “You didn’t value Hermes bags?” Um shared, “Tote bags and Hermes bags are the same level. Having bags from Hermes is a real vibe, but buy them if you are going to keep them locked up?”

Um Ji-won donated all the items she eliminated from her closet, saying, “I took out a lot after organizing this time. I took outabout 50 percent of them, but my goal is to leave only about one-third of them.”

Meanwhile, Um Ji-won married an architect/travel writer in 2014, but announced her divorce in 2021.

Source: Sports Chosun

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