Eugene sobbed as she confessed her experience of having a miscarriage for the first time… “I suffered that pain, too”

Eugene has talked about her harmonious family on various broadcasts. However, fans are paying attention to her first confession of miscarriage pain.

During a recent recording of SBS’s program “Oh! My Wedding”, Eugene brought up the story of her miscarriage to comfort a couple. 

The episode featured a Korean groom and a foreign bride, who is a Ukrainian-Russian.


The groom, who is an unknown singer, and the bride, who came to Korea to become a model, fell in love with each other like fate and immediately completed registering their marriage. However, the two are spending their newlywed life in a rooftop room and cannot even dream of holding a wedding due to financial difficulties.

Apart from that, the couple also confessed another problem. The foreign bride said that a baby came to them like a blessing earlier this year, but she eventually had a miscarriage.


Upon hearing the bride’s story, Eugene got emotional and she sincerely comforted the couple, revealing that she suffered the same pain.

Perhaps it was thanks to Eugene, who even revealed the story of her private life, that the foreign bride seemed to feel more comfortable. 

“Oh! My Wedding” is an entertainment program in which stars become wedding planners and hold special weddings for couples who gave up their weddings for various reasons.


What kind of wedding will the cast members, including Eugene, hold for the international couple, who has suffered from the pain of a miscarriage? You can check it directly on the new broadcast “Oh! My Wedding”, which will air at 11:05 p.m on August 21st. 

Source: insight

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