OMEGA X becomes a hot topic as witnesses say the members were publicly assaulted by their agency CEO 

Concerns are sparked as OMEGA X members are allegedly victims of abuse by their agency CEO. 

On October 22nd, a Twitter user saying they were a fan of OMEGA X revealed that the female CEO of the agency of boy group OMEGA X, who recently finished their 2022 world tour ‘CONNECT: Don’t give up’ in LA, the last stop of their first world tour, had been assaulting OMEGA X members with abusive language in public.

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The Twitter user said, “Guys, while I was waiting for Uber to get my food outside, I saw the CEO of the kids’ company hitting them. Really, my hands are shaking so much. I don’t know what to do. The kids were being beaten right in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t do anything.”

In the recording that the Twitter user posted, a woman shouted, “What did you guys do for me? Did you guys take care of me when I was having a hard time? Do you want me to stop? Don’t do it? Hey, what are you? What are you?” Afterwards, a ‘pop’ sound, and the woman’s words “Hey, get up” were heard.

Earlier on October 4th, an overseas netizen spread a Twitter post saying, “While staying at a hotel in Chile, a woman was yelling at OMEGA X members while they were eating breakfast. She continued to yell even on the plane.” 

OMEGA X finished their overseas tour on October 22nd in Los Angeles, USA. After a tour in South America, they performed in 11 cities in the US, starting with New York on October 4th.

OMEGA X is an 11-member boy group under SPIRE Entertainment that debuted in June last year. The group consists of members from an audition program and existing boy groups. In June, their full album “Graffiti: Story Written in Music” was released.

Source: Daum

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