It has been 500 days since the day BLACKPINK made a comeback with Lovesick Girls

It’s been 500 days but BLACKPINK still has no sign of making the next comeback.

As of February 17, 2022, the 4-member YG girl group has not made a comeback for 503 days.  BLACKPINK girls appear regularly on social networks or are active with personal projects.  This may make fans forget that it has been over a year since the group last made a comeback with the Lovesick Girls MV, which was released on October 2, 2020.

BLACKPINK made a comeback
It’s been 503 days since the group’s last comeback on October 2, 2020 with Lovesick Girls

Fans are constantly complaining to YG because BLACKPINK has not come back for too long. Although the members still regularly update their status on SNS, release solo albums and carry out their own projects, what fans want is still the group’s joint music product

  • I don’t re-watch the stages, but I re-watch all kinds of teasers to re-experience the feeling of anticipation before realizing the harsh reality.
  • I stan BLACKPINK for 565 days, but BLACKPINK has already “enlisted in the army” for 501 days.
  • I suddenly realized that DDu-Du DDu-Du was released 4 years ago.  It’s shocking!
  • YG doesn’t need our money.  Let us spend the money!
BLACKPINK made a comeback
It’s sad for BLACKPINK fans, especially those who have fallen in love with the group since/after the Lovesick Girls era.

BLACKPINK fans most recently pushed the hashtag We Want BLACKPINK Music to continuously appear on the top trending of Twitter in many countries around the world.  Fans even released a series of posters with the content “Jennie next comeback when?”, “BLACKPINK comeback when?”, “Jisoo solo debut when?”…

BLACKPINK made a comeback
Fandom designed posters themselves to express doubts about BLACKPINK’s comeback and Jennie and Jisoo’s solo plans
BLACKPINK made a comeback
They even set up a plan to “rescue” BLACKPINK!
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