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JooE burst into tears after the first stage, “I can’t practice” amid a crisis

The preview video for “The Second World” has been released.

JTBC’s “The Second World,” which will air on September 13th, will reveal the final champion in the first round.

the second world

In the preview video released, before the competition, JooE revealed her urgent situation, saying, “I’m in trouble. I can’t practice.” JooE opened up about the reason why she lost confidence while working in MOMOLAND in the first broadcast, and how she wrote “Decaffeine” to overcome the fear, saying, “It may look similar, but my identity is different. I will overcome it all and protect it,” expressing her ambition. However, she burst into tears after her performance.

Viewers are paying attention to whether JooE overcame the crisis and finished the first round of the competition with her determination to “destroy the stage so that people can remember me.” The production team said, “The theme of the competition, which will be broadcast today (Sep 13th), is a rebellion of the little sisters. Please look forward to finding out who is the artist who got complimented by the voice leaders that ‘You’re really good at live singing. And we hope the viewers will check out the results of this tense survival show to see which artist won the first place, including the voting scores of global heroes.”

The second stage of the first round of “The Second World” will air at 8:50 p.m. on September 13th.

Source: daum

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