‘Squid Game’ Jung Ho-yeon becomes the first Korean actress-model to surpass 20 million followers on Instagram

Actress-model Jung Ho-yeon entered the list of Korean celebrities with the most followers on Instagram.

As of the morning of October 15th, Jung Ho-yeon exceeded 20,3 million followers on Instagram. Model Jung Ho-yeon played the role of North Korean defector Sae-byeok in her debut film ‘Squid Game’. She drew global fans’ attention for her unique atmosphere along with her impressive character in the work.

Jung Ho Yeon

The actress’s followers count has risen from 400,000 (as of mid-September) to 20 million (as of now) in about a month since the release of ‘Squid Game’ on September 17, which made her the biggest beneficiary from the drama.

In the Instagram followers ranking of Korean celebrities, BLACKPINK Jennie ranked first with 54 million, followed by BTS (50.5 million) and BLACKPINK Rosé (48.3 million). Among the actors, Lee Min-ho has 26.3 million, Lee Jong-suk has 20.6 million and singer-actor IU has 22.9 million followers, Jung Ho-yeon is the first Korean model to exceed 20 million followers, taking the second place after IU in the actress category.

Jung Ho Yeon

Not only Jung Ho-yeon, Instagram accounts of actors who participated in ‘Squid Game’ such as Wi Ha-joon (8.3 million), Lee Yoo-mi (6.3 million) and Lee Jung-jae (3.7 million) also saw a surge in followers along with the global popularity of the drama.

Source: Nate

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