Lucas and Jackson defeated by this person in “Most Handsome Chinese Idols 2023” poll

KingChoice, a popular voting site, recently announced the results for its poll of “Most Handsome Chinese Idols 2023”. 

After one month of voting, from June 31st to July 31st, popular voting site KingChoice has announced the results for the poll “Most Handsome Chinese Idols 2023”. Notably, popular idols such as Lucas, Jackson, and Luhan were all “defeated” by this person. 

Below are the results for “Most Handsome Chinese Idols 2023”: 

Xiao Zhan

In 1st place is Xiao Zhan, who secured the top spot with 80,465 votes. After gaining huge popularity via the drama “The Untamed”, the heartthrob has consistently topped rankings for male stars. In King Choice’s 2021 poll, he also came in first. Xiao Zhan originally debuted as a member of Chinese boy group X NINE.


Lucas, a former member of Kpop boy group NCT, landed in 2nd place with 49,257 votes. Despite having faced a heavy controversy and going on hiatus ever since, Lucas still boasts a strong fanbase. 

Wang Yibo

3rd place belongs to Wang Yibo, who received 11,690 votes. Wang Yibo debuted as a member of boy group UNIQ, and became famous across Asia after starring in “The Untamed”. Now, he is known for his solo career, which ranges from music, acting, hosting to even road motorcycle racing. 

wang jackson

Ranking 4th is Jackson Wang, who not only leads a successful career as a member of Kpop boy group GOT7, but has also established his name as a solo artist. 

xu kai

5th place goes to Xu Kai, an actor and model. He has starred in numerous notable works, and gained massive popularity with his role of Fucha Fuheng in the 2018 drama “Story of Yanxi Palace”. 


Former EXO member Luhan was named in 6th place. As one of the most popular male stars in China, Luhan is currently active as a solo singer and actor.


In 7th place is NCT and WayV member Kun, who received more votes than Luhan and Xu Kai, but fell behind due to 324 anti-votes. 

Roy Wang

With 608 votes and 2 anti-votes, Roy Wang held the 8th position. In 2017, the TFBOYS member was chosen as one of the 30 most influential teenagers in the world by Time Magazine, and later became a UNICEF Ambassador in 2018.

yang yang

Yang Yang, who got 590 votes, got 9th place. He is one of the most famous young actors in China nowadays. Despite often being criticized for his acting, Yang Yang’s handsome appearance is simply indisputable. 

Huang Zitao

Finally, the 10th position is assumed by Huang Zitao (also known as Tao or Z Tao), a former member of EXO who is currently active as a solo artist in China. 

Source: KingChoice

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