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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wears School Uniform & Reunites With TXT’s Yeonjun In “Apartment 404” Last Episode

BLACKPINK’s Jennie boasted her youthful visual by wearing a school uniform and transforming into a high school student

The last episode of tvN’s “Apartment 404”, which aired on April 12th, showed Yoo Jae-suk, Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Na-ra, Jennie, Lee Jung-ha and guest Jo Se-ho becoming high school students in the year 2003.

Jennie appeared in a school uniform with long straight hair. Noticing that Jennie was cold because she didn’t wear a jumper, Jo Se-ho asked, “If you’re cold, do you want to borrow my padded jacket?”, but Jennie immediately refused the offer.

In addition, TXT’s Yeonjun, who joined episode 4, reappeared in the 2023 worldview as a high school student. Yoo Jae-suk exclaimed, “Yeonjun ah, what are you doing here?”. In response, Yeonjun said, “Do you know me? I’ve never met you before. My face is not that common”, showing his perfect immersion into the worldview.

Apartment 404 BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wears School Uniform

He continued, “Are you guys transfer students? Your school uniforms look different. You’re gonna be late. Hurry up”. Upon entering the school, Jennie looked very happy. She shared, “When was the last time I went to school?”.

Showing up like the main character from a web novel in the 2000s, Yeonjun caught the eyes of viewers as he faced a gang in the hallway. He confronted a male student and raised the tension between the girls. Seeing the confusion in the school, Jo Se-ho worriedly wondered, “Is this an action school?”. 

Yeonjun welcomed the transfer to Class 1-2 and became Lee Jung-ha’s deskmate. Discovering the snack of memories, Jo Se-ho asked, “Jung-ha, Jennie! Have you tried this?”. Jennie happily replied, “I tried it before”.

Later, the teacher revealed that a waterdrop-shaped necklace was stolen and began to check the students’ belongings. While looking around the classroom, Jennie found photos of Gong Yoo and Jo In-sung on the bulletin board. Oh Na-ra recalled the past, saying “They were all in their heyday”.

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