Is BTS J-Hope Receiving Special Treatment in the Military? Active-Duty Soldiers Angered by Photo Posted by ARMY

BTS J-Hope, who is serving in the military, has come under controversy after photos of his meals were posted by an ARMY.

In April, an ARMY (BTS fan) created a Twitter account to post what J-Hope eats in the military. The account also translates J-Hope’s military menus into English for foreign ARMYs.

The photo of J-Hope’s first-day meal in the military, posted on this account, received explosive reactions, recording nearly 5.73 million views and over 2,800 retweets.

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Comments such as “I’m relieved that J-Hope is eating well” and “The Korean military is a good place. I hope you eat a lot and do well in training” were left on the photo.

However, after the photo was posted, various online communities and personal accounts were flooded with comments from Korean netizens who are allegedly active-duty soldiers.


Netizen A commented, “Looking at this photo, I thought BTS J-Hope was the only one receiving special treatment in the military,” and added, “If this kind of good image (about military food) takes hold, it will be harder to improve. Please think about the active-duty soldiers.”

Netizen B suggested, “We need to post realistic photos instead. Then, there will be more international interest in military meals, and there will be room for better food.

Netizen C expressed anger, saying, “If ARMYs see the actual military food that J-Hope eats, they will be shocked. I was so angry after reading comments saying that the military is doing a good job these days.

The Twitter account owner, apparently aware of the controversy, explained recently, “This account creates meal photos by referring to the 36th Division’s standard diet (the same as the diet published on the ‘The Camp’ app, a military communication service) on the Ministry of National Defense’s public data portal.

They further explained, “The only accurate thing in the photos is the menu information. These plate photos are created by merging various food photos together.”

They added, “I hope there won’t be any misunderstandings. The account is operated by a fan who hopes trainee soldier Jung Ho Seok eats well and does well in the military.”

Meanwhile, J-Hope privately enlisted in the Army’s 36th Division Training Center in Gangwon Province on April 18. After completing five weeks of basic military training, J-Hope, currently serving as an active-duty soldier, is expected to be assigned to his unit by the end of May. His expected discharge date is October 17, 2024.

Source: Nate.

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