YG is unprofessional during Lisa’s projects, said various brands

Amid rumors of difficulties during BLACKPINK Lisa’s contract renewal, various cases of YG being unprofessional have been brought up. 

Recently, rumors emerged that BLACKPINK Lisa and YG Entertainment are facing difficulties in reaching an agreement during negotiation, so it is unlikely that Lisa will renew her contract. 

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In response to the rumors, YG simply stated that contract negotiations are still ongoing for all members of BLACKPINK, with little difficulties. The company also added that they cannot confirm any schedule of Lisa in post-August, due to worldtour and personal schedules. 

Amid all these, various cases where YG has been unprofessional about Lisa’s projects have resurfaced, frustrating fans. 

In particular, according to Chinese mobile phone brand VIVO, YG is often behind the deadline when sending them photos of Lisa. YG is also extremely unprofessional in management, causing VIVO to release a new product without Lisa. 

Meanwhile, Thai mobile network provider AIS revealed that YG did not allow Lisa to appear on the red carpet for one of their events, and so the BLACKPINK member cannot interact with other artists. The agency also limited Lisa’s activities, and AIS even had to arrange a different event for Lisa.

In addition, when Lisa appeared as a mentor on the Chinese survival show “Youth With You”, the production team felt disrespected due to constant connectivity issues on YG’s behalf. The agency only had 1 camera following Lisa for the show, and constantly failed to send Lisa’s behind-the-scenes images. 

Furthermore, even when Lisa became the global ambassador for BVLGARI, YG did not allow her to participate in an important brand event, despite the female idol already being in Europe. According to YG, this is due to COVID-19 restrictions, but other BLACKPINK members were traveling freely, making little sense. On top of all these, Lisa was unable to participate in the 2021-2022 Global Campaign due to YG. 

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Finally, Downy once stated that despite their desire to work with Lisa, YG put them off. Fashion magazines such as Harper Bazaar’s Thailand, Nylon China, and Vogue Thailand also faced great difficulties to contact Lisa, even calling out YG for making “unreasonable demands”

The constant mismanagement and unprofessionalism of YG when it comes to Lisa has thus not only angered fans, but also caused the female idol to miss out on various opportunities. 

Source: K Crush 

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