The dancers argued about casting celebrities in the Mega Crew Mission, “They’re not worth my fighting against…”

The previews of “Street Woman Fighter”’s Mega Crew Mission episode is drawing great attention from netizens.

On September 29, Mnet released several previews of “Street Woman Fighter”’s 5th episode, which will be aired on September 28. As previously announced, the Mega Crew Mission was carried out in this episode.

Regarding the mission, MC Kang Daniel explained, “Please use all your personal connections and power to cast people and form a Mega Crew”

As a result, each crew had different opinions regarding the rule of this mission. Since this round would be evaluated based on a public vote, the ability to cast celebrities using personal connections could not be ignored.

However, Honey J commented, “They will bring a lot of celebrities into their dance performance”. She added, “Shall we just do it ourselves? Let’s not looking for celebrities.”

CocaN Butter Rihey also said to her team members, “I really want to show the audiences our real dances. Honestly, I don’t want this kind of vote to be carried out. Let’s just do what we are good at.”

Zsun replied, “I’m focusing on our performance only. I don’t care about anything else. That’s why I’m getting more sensitive.”

PROWDMON Monika said, “I hope that not only the dancers but other people would do their best for the game. I don’t want to compete with a crew that is not worth fighting agaisnt.”

YGX Lee Jung also showed her confidence by saying, “Even if we don’t invite celebrities, we will still do well!”

Honey J explained, “Skills are just the 2nd importance thing, in the vote based on popularity like this, it’s hard to maintain our ranking.”

On the contrary, WANT and HOOK recruited celebrities as their strategies, considering it would account for a lot of points in the public voting. Choi Yoo Jung, LOONA Yves, rapper Lee Young Ji were introduced in the performance of WANT, while Girls’ Generation Soo Young joined HOOK.

In response, netizens’ reactions exploded; many of them commented, “I like what Monika said”, “They told you to use all your personal connections, not just celebrities…”, “They can call anyone to join, but normal people like me would definitely not be invited”, “The theme of this show is street dancers… It’s not ok at all if celebrities join…”

However, other people also stated, “Didn’t WANT do anything wrong? They’re just doing what they were told to do, what’s wrong with that?”, “I will also try my best to survive in that situation”, “I’m rooting for all crews, I can understand both the opinions of the team which cast celebrities and the team that didn’t”, “Unfortunately, they didn’t break the rule.”

In the middle of the preview, they showed the scene when all the crew leaders cried, making the audience more curious about the results of the Mega Crew Mission.

Meanwhile, after releasing the performance videos of the Mega Crew Mission, “Street Woman Fighter” caused great controversies over fairness in their evaluation.

Sources: dispatch

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